Little Mountain Park Conservancy       Group Inc.

For The Love of Our Park





Our First Meeting Agenda
1st Meeting Thursday June 19th Players Golf Course Restaurant Agenda

1.Vote on Focal

2.Assign tasks and duties

3.Review of Document

07/09/14 2nd meeting


Little Mountain Park Conservancy Group

July 09 2014

President’s Boardroom - Wesley Hall University of Winnipeg


1. Introduction and conference with William Dowie

2. Plan of action and discussion

•Scope of area

•Inclusion of Business and residences

•Ideas and wording on letter of Introduction of ‘Friends’ program.


3. Other Business

10/11/14 3rd meeting

Little Mountain Park Conservancy group Inc.

Thursday September 11th, 2014
7:00 - 8:30 PM
Room 1W09
The University of Winnipeg

Approval of Agenda

Approval of Minutes of July 9th, 2014

1. Introduction of Steering Committee Members, and special guests, Alana LaJoie O’Malley and Tannis Jury

2. Motion to adopt modified Robert’s Rules of Order as official procedural rule.

3. Confirmation of Steering Committee Officers and their term of service: Chair, Deputy Chair, Secretary, Treasurer.

4. a) Review and adoption of:
- Draft Letter of introduction
- PR statement: “Why should you care about LMP.”
- Constitution/ Mission Statement
b) - Survey questions for stakeholders - Alana LaJoie O’Malley

5. Status of Incorporation - advice from counsel.

6. Action Plan (see attached chart)

7. Business Arising.

8. Adjourn

11/09/14 4th meeting

Little mountain park conservancy group


Sunday November 9th, 2014

Paradise restaurant




-  Approval of Agenda


-  Approval of Minutes of September 6, 2014


1.   Updates:  


   Action Plan:  
     Logo and stationary; Intro. Letter;  Web page;  Questionnaire; Mailing lists; Lobbying


-     Status of Incorporation


2.   Motion to establish Quorum for LMP Conservancy Group Decisions


3.   a) General definition of duties and responsibilities of Table Officer

     b)  Election of Treasurer


4.  Business Arising



MMM Meeting Secondary Plan will have an open house on November 19th at the Victoria Inn on Wellington Ave. from 4:00PM to 7:30PM

The field North of the Park and West of Route 90 has been put up for sale by DTZ ( Their maps clearly show the Centreport Hwy. cutting through Little Mountain Park.


Dear Stakeholders of Little Mountain Dog Park:

We are proud to announce the formation of the Little Mountain Park Conservancy Group Inc.

The  rich history of Little Mountain Park as a unique cornerstone for the City of Winnipeg and the Province of Manitoba makes it a valuable asset that needs to be protected. The Park’s naturalized environment supports  three-at -risk plant species.  Another endangered species,  the Leopard Frog, is making a rebound in the Province of Manitoba because of the protection of wet land habitats like our Quarries.   In addition, the Park provides a nurturing physical, emotional and spiritual environment for the citizens of Manitoba.

Our goals are to protect the natural beauty and assets of Little Mountain Park and to provide a forum for discussion between the business community and the various levels of Government.  Most importantly,  we aim to sustain the safety of Little Mountain Park for future generations to enjoy.  

We welcome you to support our efforts to save Little Mountain Park.

You can contact us through our web page - , our e-mail address – and on Facebook .




Lloyd Johnson, Chair

Little Mountain Park Conservancy Group Inc.

11/26/14 Northern Quarry

It would appear that the Centreport Water Pumping Station fill is being dumped into the Northern Quarry at its eastern edge. There was a bulldozier that started yesterday and a steady flow of dump trucks. I have contacted Brain Mayes about this. There has been a steady flow of e-mails.

12/09/14 Metro One

December 9, 2014 Updated : December 9, 2014 | 8:49 am Adjust Text Size
Plan to extend Manitoba’s CentrePort highway may imperil rare ‘rainforest of the prairies’
By Shane GibsonMetro
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Shane Gibson/MetroA massive highway project connecting the second phase of CentrePort Canada Way to the Trans-Canada Highway near St. François Xavier may put a rare tall-grass prairie preserve at St. Charles Rifle Range in harms way.
A massive highway project that’s touted as critical to growing Manitoba’s economy may also put one of the province’s few remaining tall-grass prairie preserves in peril.

The province is planning to extend CentrePort Canada Way — the four-lane expressway linking Inkster Boulevard to the west Perimeter Highway — to the Trans-Canada Highway near St. François Xavier.

The expressway will be an important trucking route for CentrePort Canada, the 20,000-acre inland port expected to bring huge economic opportunities to Manitoba.

Elephant poaching up as ivory prices skyrocket in China
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Turtles vs. turbines in Ontario’s top court
But the new roadway’s proposed path runs through the St. Charles Rifle Range, land owned by the Department of National Defence (DND) and home to one of the province’s largest remaining plots of tall-grass prairie.

“It’s surprising to me that they’re even consider that… because there’s land on either side that isn’t sensitive ecologically,” said ecologist and president of Prairie Habitats Inc. John Morgan, whose Manitoba-based company specializes in restoring native prairies.

“Tall-grass prairies have a lot of species —  both plants and animals — that are not found anywhere else, and some have potential for foods and medicines. It’s why we call them the rainforests of the prairies.”

The 250-acres of tall-grass prairie is nestled behind a shooting range the DND has trained at since acquiring the land more than a century ago. That ownership has been what’s kept the tall-grass prairie untouched, explained 17 Wing Winnipeg environmental officer Marc Dettman, who worries what will happen to it if the range if the land is sold.

“The problem is that because there’s no species at risk here, there’s no way to protect the tall-grass prairie,” he said. “It is definitely a rare ecosystem, but unfortunately ecosystems themselves don’t have protection under our species at risk legislation.”

In a statement, the province said they are in the beginning stages of design and are working on a route that “will preserve as much of the existing natural prairie habitat as possible.”

12/22/14 Logo

Darlene has given us our new logo


We are having an evening sleigh ride at Birds Hill Park Riding Stables on Dec. 27 2014 at 5:45. Please let me know if you are interested. Check for all the details.