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To Celibrate the Ones We Have Lost

We lovingly remember little Atim and the wonderful times at the park.

Dad: David Boisvert 
 Published: 28 April 2008
 Last Updated: 10 May 2008
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In loving memory of dear Bella. Your family misses you very much.

Kathryn Kawka 
 Published: 12 May 2008
 Last Updated: 12 May 2008
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September 1995 - September 2003

We have many wonderful memories of Misty out at Little Mountain Park that will be with us forever.

Barb and John Johnson
 Published: 19 May 2008
 Last Updated: 20 May 2008
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Sierra ( Johnson )
Our fondest thoughts go with Sierra who passed away several years back. Her best times were of playing ball and swimming with all her friends at the Park.

Lori and Lloyd Johnson 

Shelby and Cole 
 Published: 10 May 2008
 Last Updated: 21 May 2008
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Sierra ( Gallant )

Sierra was an awesome companion and friend and we miss her dearly. I hope she had a lot of friends at Little Mountain. We went for walks there pretty much everyday for the short 6 years of her life. Rest in peace my girl, love Mom and Dad. Kim and Jan.
Published: 28 November 2008
Last Updated: 30 December 2008
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Shelby ( Johnson )

Sadly, our little Shelby was taken from us after a brief illness. Everybody that met her was greeted with a big smile, a wagging tail and a quick check of your pockets to see if a cookie was hidden away. We'll all miss her dearly.

Thanks to everyone who wished us well in these sad times.

Lori, Lloyd and Cole.
 Published: 08 September 2010
 Last Updated: 08 September 2010
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Sadly our friend Lexi passed away today, Oct.09/10 . She lived long and wonderful life, 12 years and 8 months. All our best to Wally and his mother.

 Published: 10 October 2010
 Last Updated: 10 October 2010
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My best friend Molly passed away on Saturday, November 13th after she unexpectantly became ill. I miss her terribly but think fondly of her when we are out at the park. Molly enjoyed her walks with her sister, Tuppence, and her best friends, Sadie, Polo, and Tiera.
 Published: 17 February 2011
 Last Updated: 18 February 2011
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Bear enjoyed his last day at the park on Thursday, May 5th. We didn't walk too far that day because he was having a bit of trouble breathing. We thought it might be from something he ate or ingested, but when he didn't eat his supper, we made an appointment for the vet for Friday morning. He jumped into the car enthusiastically as ever, probably thinking we were on our way to the park. Our appointment was for 10 am. They performed some tests and took some x-rays, and discovered he had a large tumour in his throat. We were about to give the ok to put him to sleep, when he went to sleep on his own. He was very peaceful, and was not struggling or fighting.

He loved the park and his walks with his lifetime partner Sheba, and his newer pal Rocky. Bear would start to nag around 11 am every day if we had not already showed some signs toward heading out. We have been very fortunate to have known Bear all of his life, and to have shared in his unconditional love for the last 4 years of living with us. He has left us with wonderful memories.

Thanks to everyone at the park that helped make Bear's visits so enjoyable

Bob and Shane

Published: 08 May 2011
Last Updated: 08 May 2011
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Hello Everyone

One month ago, Butch was enjoying long walk with me and meet many his new friends at the Little Mountain Park before his time to go. He had lymphosacoma cancer in his neck and so fast spread in his body. Vet told me that it would take about 2 or 3 months left but it is not only 1.5 weeks.
Sad News, My beloved Butch passed away yesterday afternoon. Finally, He went a special place reunite his mother Babe, sister Sweetie and his best friend Tig, now they run and playing together, no more suffering. He was telling me let me go and good bye, took him to the vet and shot sedative him when vet walked away. He was licking all over my face, means Thank you for taking care of me whole his years and give me comfort. I cried. I believe that God does have a special place for your pet to be cared for until you go to pick him up and cross the bridge together, never again to be seperated. I so miss him.
One day, I will go back to the park.
Thank you,

Charlene Arnold
March 27 2002 to November 19 2011 
 Published: 21 November 2011
 Last Updated: 23 November 2011
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Sheba - December 31st, 2000 to May 26th, 2012



We regretfully announce the loss of our girl Sheba on Saturday, May 26th, 2012 at 3 pm in the afternoon. Sheba was at the park every day up until Friday. On Wednesday she struggled to get into the car to come to the park and again to go home. Thursday was more of a struggle, but Friday the strength wasn’t there. Our vet, Dr Larry Adelman of Seven Oaks Veterinary Hospital, came to our home and put her to sleep in her favorite place in our garden. She was being hugged by both of her owners and showed no sign of fear and just gently left us. Sheba loved adults, children, animals, plants, sticks, rocks, and anything her nose could contact..

She was predeceased by her lifelong friend Bear on May 6th, 2011, and leaves to cherish her memory her best friends Rocky, and Shadow. She was greatly loved and will be much missed by her owners, and her friends at Little Mountain.


Bob Wilson and Shane Rice

 Published: 27 May 2012
 Last Updated: 27 May 2012
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We had to let our beloved Charlotte go after she lost her brave battle with cancer. She loved coming out to the park for walks and always traveled at her own pace. She will be dearly missed by her family. We will always love you Charlotte. Mom, Tessa and Bandit.
Published: 29 May 2012
Last Updated: 29 May 2012
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This beautiful collie was taken to Birchwood Animal Hospital after being found wandering the Quail Ridge area. She was almost totally blind, horribly matted, very old, sick and frail, and had been on her own for awhile. In spite of the efforts of many people her owners could not be found. Her last days were spent in comfort, being loved and cared for thanks to the wonderful staff at Birchwood, who called her Leela. She was called Hope by the good people at Winnipeg Lost Dog Alert. We may never know her first name, but at the end of her life she was loved and will not be forgotten
 Published: 15 September 2012
 Last Updated: 15 September 2012
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Darlene and Maisy lost her best friend Stewie.


 Published: 03 January 2014
 Last Updated: 03 January 2014
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Cole passed away on Wednesday February 12th. He lived a long and happy life with Shelby and Sage. Never passing up playing with all his friends at the park, going for a swim at the lake, chasing his ball and finding a good stick to chew on. We will all miss him. A happy tail and a big kiss were Cole trademarks.

Love Mom, Dad and Sage
 Published: 14 February 2014
 Last Updated: 02 March 2014
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Zorba and Harley together, the good times.

L.M.P. used to be Zorbas' home away from home He frolicked there with his brother Harley; Zorba met countless dogs his love for dogs and people is a memory his mommy Esther is never going to forget.

With tears in my eyes yes, I miss Zorba 24/7. Love Harley, Channa

and Mom.

 Published: 06 September 2013
 Last Updated: 27 June 2014
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Sad news, I ran into Debbie at the park today and she informed me the Bonnie and Norms pup Casey had passed away very suddenly at home. All our hearts got out to you in these sad times.

*picture was sent to me by one of our members.
 Published: 08 October 2014
 Last Updated: 24 October 2014
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Sheena passed away on Monday, October 20 from lung cancer.  We had even been

for a walk on Saturday.  Other than heavy panting and shortness of breath
she was still raring to go.

I'm sure we explored every park in the city and surrounding areas.  She
loved to explore new places and meet new people and make new dog friends.
She could sniff out a treat a mile away.  (the dog treat manufactures are
bound to see a drop in sales)  We're still waiting for her to ask us to take
her for a walk or better yet a car ride.

She will never be forgotten.

Barb & John Johnson

From all of at LMP we will miss her everyday.

 Published: 24 October 2014
 Last Updated: 08 November 2014
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There has been such a void in my house since I lost my precious Tuppence.My little Cavalier King Charles was almost 12 years. She loved being around people who would pet her and Tuppence would feel very comfortable sitting on their feet. She loved going to Little Mountain Park and seeing all her friends. 
However, the morning of May 27/15, she was having a very hard time breathing and I knew her heart was finally giving out.We had one last "wagon ride" in LMP. Because I could not stand to see her suffer, I phoned the vet. However, before we got there she passed away in my arms at home.
I am grateful for every minute we had together and the opportunity to love such a wonderful little girl. Her " Big" little brother Barley and myself miss her so much already. 
Rest in peace little girl. Run to Rainbow Bridge. See you there. 
                                          Love mom and Barley
 Published: 31 May 2015
 Last Updated: 31 May 2015
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Safe Journey Dudley


Dudley 2002 - 2015

 Published: 04 July 2015
 Last Updated: 04 July 2015
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This summer we lost a dear friend, Sadie. She was a wonderful little girl with a true explorers heart. All the our best to Brenda in her sad times.

 Published: 11 October 2015
 Last Updated: 11 October 2015
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Bandit became part of our family when he was 7 yrs old and passed away today at 16.

He loved to come to the Park and run for the sheer joy of running.  He was a sweet boy and will be missed by his family.  Rest in peace little buddy. Love Mom and Tessa.
 Published: 09 February 2016
 Last Updated: 09 February 2016
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We are very sad to announce the passing of Sierra on Monday Sept 26.  She will be deeply missed by owner Ron Gerth and Aunty Monica and all her friends both human and animal at Little Mountain Park.  Condolences from everyone at Little Mountain Park.


"Dogs come into our lives and leave paw prints on our hearts, and we are forever changed"


 Published: 29 September 2016
 Last Updated: 29 September 2016
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We lost our dear friend Kennie yesterday. He was a beautiful Irish Water Spaniel who loved his walks at the park. Kennie lived a long life of 13 1/2 years. He will be missed by all. We wish Karen and her family all the best.

 Published: 28 December 2016
 Last Updated: 02 January 2017
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Our dear friend Donna lost Kanada today. Our hearts go out to you in these sad times.


 Published: 09 January 2017
 Last Updated: 13 January 2017
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Our dear friend Rogue passed away. She was a wonderful girl who loved her walks with all her friends and a good scratch. We'll miss her dearly.

 Published: 09 January 2017
 Last Updated: 13 January 2017
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Beloved Tessa, my warrior princess.  Rest in peace my sweet girl.  You and Charlotte and Bandit are together again.

 Published: 26 January 2017
 Last Updated: 26 January 2017
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Ookpik passed away at my place. I last spoke to him and petted him at 0300 hrs by the front door inside mat.
Woke up at 0700hrs and he was gone, stretched out and cold on the mat.

It took a bit to package him up. He was a bugger to get out the front door and into the back of my truck.

I took him to the crematorium. And I have since picked his ashes up. 

His passing has been very tough on Kim.

Socrates and Sputnik, his step brothers are ok.  
Ookpik had a great life with Kim and his various step brothers and sisters over the 8 years we had with him.

The attached picture is of Ookpik and Socrates with Blue, the first time they met Blue in my backyard.  

Blue unfortunately did not survive a rabbit catching enterprise with Ookpik when the combines where harvesting the crops across the road from Kim's house. 

Blue had not taken the Work Safe program. 

 Published: 15 September 2017
 Last Updated: 15 September 2017
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We lost a very dear old friend last night. Our Cole's best friend Trixie passed away.  She just became tolerant of Sage before moving out to Sanford. Trixie was a sweet loving girl and always welcome at our house. All our best to Judy and Andy in these sad times.

 Published: 20 September 2017
 Last Updated: 20 September 2017
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This past weekend we lost one of our oldest and most dear friends. Nigel was a wonderful little guy and a joy to be with. The park will be a bit emptier without him. He joins his brother Koda across the bridge. All our best to Sue and Jim in these sad days.


 Published: 22 November 2017
 Last Updated: 22 November 2017
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Sad News
Sad news from yesterday, Irene's, Bailey pasted away. He was always a welcome walker in the group and never missed a Blessing for the Animals. All our best wishes go out to Irene in these sad days.

 Published: 30 October 2018
 Last Updated: 13 December 2018
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Sad News
I just heard yesterday that our friend Carolyn lost her dog Heidi after a lengthy illness. She was a wonderful girl who was great to walk with. Always keeping tabs on everybody. All our warm thoughts go out to Carolyn in these sad times.

 Published: 07 December 2018
 Last Updated: 13 December 2018
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We lost a very dear friend in Tikka. All our best go out out to Kim in these sad days. Tikka was a joy to be with for all.

 Published: 15 December 2019
 Last Updated: 15 December 2019
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We lost one of our family members on Monday. Arden has passed away. She was a good friend and loved her walk with her extended family. All our best go out to Brenda in these sad times.

 Published: 11 March 2020
 Last Updated: 11 March 2020
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Here is a picture of my families Irish Water Spaniel , Bonnie. We grow up on our farm at Pine Ridge together (before it became Birds Hill). Bonnie and I were born on the same day, May 13th. three years apart! Our family got her from a breeder,  Denise Grey who lived near the Oasis Camp ground area . She was a wonderful dog and took good care of myself and my sister when she was born in 1965. She didn't think to much of this thing mom and dad brought home in the beginning but after awhile it took! She put me in my place a few times after pulling her ears and tail. She would run down the trail, come back full boar and swing her hips out and send me flying into the woods. A couple of rounds of that and I learned my lesson! I miss her so.


 Published: 11 July 2020
 Last Updated: 11 July 2020
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Ruff McDuff

On March 17, 2006 I won the doggy lottery. That’s the day I met and went to my furever home with my new say their lives changed that day is an understatement. They doted on my every whim and I ruled the roost from day 1. I got walks every day, rain or shine, 30 below or 30 above. I went to my favorite place at least twice a week; Little Mountain Dog Park, where I could see my 4 legged friends and send and receive my weekly Pee mails. When I got lonely, Mom and Dad got me a younger girlfriend. Ms. Pat E Kakes was a bit of a pain in the ass at first but she soon became my trusty sidekick and has been by my side for the last 14 years ?.
As I’ve gotten older and my mobility has started to fail me, my Mom and Dad have helped me out as much as I need. On the couch, off the couch, on the bed, off the bed, up and down the stairs, they lift and help me and keep me company outside at all hours. But it’s time for the next chapter. It’s time to hit the rainbow bridge and visit with my friends and family who are waiting on the other side. Don’t be sad Mom & Dad because I will be watching and waiting, and I will see you again! Take care of Pat E Kakes for me and keep the rabbits out of my yard!
Love Furever
Ruff McDuff
Jan 17, 2006 - March 23, 2021
Ps. Thanks for that great big steak Dad??

Published: 25 March 2021
Last Updated: 25 March 2021
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Java June 15 2021

Our friend Java passed away at the age of seven. All our best wishes go to Gwendy and Rob in these sad days ahead. Java was a wonderful girl full of energy and always up for a good play. She will be truly missed by all.Our friend Java passed away at the age of seven. All our best wishes go to Gwendy and Rob in these sad days ahead. Java was a wonderful girl full of energy and always up for a good play. She will be truly missed by all.

July 12 2021 Bailey

Sad day today. Thorunn and Vince lost their girl Bailey. She had a wonderful sprit and a joy to walk with. She will missed by all of us at the park.


We lost an old friend. Hanna pasted away this summer. She was a great little girl who put up with all of her friends at the park.

Sage Oct.28 2021

We are heartbroken to announce that our sweet girl Sage passed away this afternoon at the age of almost 11 years after a very brief illness. She loved her adventures at the park with all friends. She was our beautiful girl and will be missed to the moon and back…Fly free wee girl.


Nov. 26 2021 We lost our beutiful little Sheba.

Hi all. I received some very sad news this morning. Our friend Sheba passed away. All our best go out to Wally and his family in these sad days ahead. Sheba was a wonderful Doberman. Always busy cheering on the Montreal Canadians. She will be truly missed by all.

Jan. 07 2022

Annie and Jake

We lost two our friends a week apart. Annie and Jake two beutiful German Shepards. All our best to Pat and Keith. They will be forever missed by all.



Augie March 21 2022

Today was Auggie’s last ride, trip to his favourite dog park and round of fetch! He has, had a wonderful 13 yrs and 10 months! Living his life to the fullest the only way a Lab could. The adventures he has had, the ones we can tell you about and some we are sure we do not want to hear about! Sweet boy may you have many more adventures, rounds of fetch with all your dear friends Abbey, Innu, Jake and Annie. Just to name a few. We love you and are broken hearted

I will always rember Augie and our beach days together. Oh how he loved that!


Sept. 17 2022

Just received the saddest news.

Thorunn and Vince have lost their girl Molley very suddenly. All hearts go out to them in these sad days. Molley was a wonderful girl who loved everyone she ever met. She always made our walks at the park very special.
We all feel for your loss.

Aura Nov. 04 2022

Saddy our Aura passed away. We wish all the best to Dave and his family. She came along way with her friends at the park.

Nov. 18 2022


Sad news. Donna's Juicy passed away. She was a wonderful little girl to be with.


Dec. 15 2022

  I just received the saddest news. Our dear friend Quinn past away. We all miss her beautiful blue eyes and happy wagging tall. All our best to Lori and her family in these sad days.


Jan. 25 2023

What a sweet little guy. He lived a long and happy life with Darlene, Maisy, Casi and Farrah. He will missed by all.


April 09 2023

Sad news. Our dear friend Chantel and her family lost Bleu last night. He was a great friend and a joy to be with. He made friends all through out his life. Going to Winnipeg Beach, Playing ball with everyone,  telling  you all his troubles and always leaning in on you. He will be missed by all.

July 05 2023 Casi

Darlene lost her beloved Casi today. She lived to almost 17 years old. She enjoyed life to the max. Showing everyone her hedgehog and all her other toys which she loved. Masie and all of us will be missing her.


Sadly Mystic has passed away. She wasa wonderful girl. Sage and Mystic used to beat each other up all the time. It was the bes of times. She will be missed by all that knew her.

Teddy Sept. 29 2023

Our friend Di Roth lost Teddy today. Harley will be there.

Topaz Tuesday Oct. 24 2023

Our friend Stacey lost her beloved Topaz today. She was a fun girl and always busy!



Nov. 20 2023 Sadly our freind Porkchop passed away. All our best to William. He was always up for meeting new people and all his friends at the park.



June 06 2024

Our dear friend Donna lost her Spark-man today. He was a wonderful little guy who lived to 13 years old. He was always busy with something.