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Trail Report 2024

Jan. 01 2024 Happy New Year all! What a fantastic day for walking.

Jan. 05 2024 What a nice for a walk! Trails are in great shape.

Jan. 07 2024 A tad cooler today

Jan. 09 2024

Sun Dogs were wonderful today

Jan. 11 2024

Heavy slogging through the snow today. The trails are getting flatten down.

Jan. 14 2024

She's a cold one out there today. Keep it a short walk

Jan. 17 2024 Much nicer day for a walk. The main trails are cleaned up.

Jan. 27 2024 The Haor frost was wonderful today. Ask Stan and Mocha!

Jan. 30 2024

Watch the trails. With the warm weather they are getting a bit icy! Another bird house fixed and back in service.

Feb. 07 2024

Time to get the hip waders out!

Feb. 08 2024

What a mixed bag day today is!

Feb. 26 2024

What an dangerous walk today. The fresh snow from the storm last is covering the melt ice.Be careful out there!

Feb. 28 2024

The city has cleaned up the trails making it much easier to walk on.

March 02 2024

Might get another storm rolling through tonight.

March 03 2024

Snow came down but not to bad to walk on.

March 07 2024 That was serious dumping last night. Heavy walking today!

Mar.23 2024

Still waiting for Spring to arrive! The trails are so icy. Please becareful walking.

April 09 2024

The Big Field has dried up nicely, trails are under water still but getting there!